Shaqodoon is a local NGO founded in 2011 to create innovative and long-lasting solutions to Somalia/land’s youth employment challenges. The organization designs, delivers and evaluates innovative programs to address some of the local community’s most urgent challenges in livelihood skill training, education, civic education, justice and health. Shaqodoon is a national platform whose goal is to prioritize youth employment and education on the development agenda and to exchange knowledge on effective policies and programs to improve employment and education opportunities for youth, prioritizing at risk youth, marginalized groups, and people who have lost hope and are thus often jailed for local crimes.

Hargabits is a youth-based program that uses ICT multimedia creatively to improve the lives of youth. Bits target population is the youth which are significant portion of the society. Bits school offers ICT trainings for these youth to equip skills to enable them engage in gainful income generating activities. The training is conducted in three levels/stages which include taught theory and practical and hands on training through internship. The training curricula is based on creativity and encompasses marketable applications including graphic designs, motion designs, video editing, app development, web-design and development.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Delivering training programs to students either in a group classroom setting or on a one to one basis.
• Adapting bits’ academy curriculum and customize training for the students
• Supporting and coaching students using self-learning packages.
• Evaluating the effectiveness of the training and course outcomes and giving feedback to the Project Manager.
• Taking responsibility for maintenances of hardware and software used for training purposes and recommending repairs and upgrades to the program coordinator where appropriate.
• Keeping up to date with the local ICT and design innovators, the relevant systems software and online training technology.
• Deliver and facilitate training, coaching and mentoring that encourages accelerated learning and results in new knowledge and skills applied into the workplace

Essential Qualifications, Skills & Knowledge

• A degree or equivalent qualifications and competencies in ICT or significant up to date industry experience to deliver the ICT
• 3-5+ years of the design industry and agency experience.
• Strong knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and Sketching.
• Strong motion and video skills using After Effects. Premiers are bonus.
• Passionate about good design, motivated, ambitious and extremely creative – full of ideas across multi-platforms.

To apply for this position please send you resume to by the 30th of October 2020 (11:59 pm) late submissions will not be accepted

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