About the Project

Shaqodoon is implementing the “Accelerated Socio-Economic Empowerment of Youth in Somaliland” in partnership with UNFPA and funded by the EU. This project falls under the “Inclusive Local Economic Development” (ILED) programmehe root causes of irregular migration and displaced persons in Africa.

This project is expected to stimulate the capacity of young men and women to innovate by designing initiatives that create social impact ideas across the country. These ideas will be across thematic areas. To do this the project will aim to support emerging youth organisations in Somaliland with limited capacity to influence social, economic, and political and peace processes. These youth organizations represent a cross-section of youth organisations from across Somaliland. Recognizing the challenges faced by youth in living in Sool and Sanaag and specifically young women, the project will particularly target young women-led organisations, or those with a strong young female membership from the target locations. Those youth-led organisations will receive capacity injection and will be given grants to enhance specific challenge in their community that lead to employment/wellbeing of youth.

The grant ceiling is $10,000 to support one or more organizations or social enterprises operating in Somaliland’s Sool and Sanaag regions. Eligible youth organizations who are interested in applying for this grant should be an existing organization with a primary social aim that benefit the local community and practically youth, independence, participatory and with democratic decision-making process. The successful organization will be provided with an assignment to implement in the project location to benefit youth.
Shaqodoon is partnering with Ministry of Employment, Social Affairs and Family (MESAF) on the ground who will be integral part of this project.
The Ministry of Employment, Social Affairs and Family mandates is to develop human resources and allocate them efficiently in view of the economy’s needs, maximizing individuals’ talents and fostering good labour relations. The ministry’s major function in this regard is to support Shaqodoon with the selection process of the applicants and seek to provide kits where possible to graduates of the program.
Selection Criteria
Must be registered with the Ministry of Planning & Development in Somaliland with at least six months of implementation experience (contract or voluntary activities).
Youth chairman or executive director must be a youth between the ages of 15-30.
Large well-funded organization are not eligible. Organizations with annual income of $50,000 or less are highly encouraged to apply.
The organizations should have solid presence in Sool or Sanaag regions of Somaliland.
Must have a well-qualified staffing to implement the project in those regions.
Areas of programming should be to support the needs to their communities and specially youth. Organization supporting or run by females are highly encouraged to apply.
An independent evaluation panel, consisting of Shaqodoon, MESAF and UNFPA, will score application based on the below criteria. Applicants maybe invited for an interview.
Registered, with presence/office in Sool or Saang and ability to operate without limitations (10 points)
Organisational capacity to implement activities effectively in Sool or Sanaag (20 points)
Ability to engage the right stakeholders (youth) in projects and have a fair, transparent selection process (20 points)
Proven experience in running a successful institution or social enterprise with necessary basic systems in place (20 points)
Demonstrable experience with youth skill trainings preferable working with females for employment or entrepreneurship related activities. (20 points)
Qualified staff/Volunteer to implement activities in their communities. (10 points)

Application Time frame
No. Activity Deadline
1 RFA Release 16th November 2020
2 Close of RFA 22nd November 2020
3 Announcement of Winner (s) 28th November 2020
4 Start of Activities
50 to 100 youth beneficiaries benefiting from the projects. 1st December 2020
5 Completion of activities 31st December 2020

How to apply
1. Complete the form titled “RFA-SHQ001” entirely and sign, stamp it. You can download the application here:
2. Submit the following documents with your completed application form.
3. Certificate of registration (Expired certificate maybe accepted)
4. Organization profile
5. Financial Statement (if available)
6. CV’s of three senior staff (paid or volunteers)
7. Organizational chart
8. List of your Board of Directors

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