Employer: Action Africa Help Somalia

Deadline for applications: 25/11/2020

Type of Contract: Short Term consultancy

Duration of Consultancy: 10 days

Expected Start and End Date: 27Th November 2020

Deadline to submit final report: 7th December,2020

Location: Elwak District, Gedo region -Somalia

1.0: Introduction

Action Africa Help International (AAH-I) is a regional not for profit humanitarian and development organization with a mission of improving the quality of life of livelihood challenged communities. AAH-I has country Programs in Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda, Zambia, Djibouti and Ethiopia. AAH- Somalia, an affiliate Country Program of AAH-I, addresses development challenges in partnership with marginalized communities in Arid and Semi-arid areas (ASALs) and low income urban and rural settings. AAH-Somalia supports livelihood improvement for vulnerable households in Elwak district-Gedo region, Somalia.

2.0: Consultancy background

Elwak, ("Ceelwaaq" as it is known in Somali) is a divided town on the Somalia-Kenya border. The Somali portion is located in the southwestern Gedo region, where it is the seat of one of the region's seven districts. Most of the local population are pastoralists, and also engage in small business and trade. The area main sources of livelihoods are in camels, cows, sheep and goats.

Livestock and crops remain the main sources of economic activity, employment, and exports in Somalia. Agriculture’s share of gross domestic product (GDP) is approximately 75%, and represents 93% of total exports, mostly linked to robust livestock exports in the recent pre-drought

Action Africa Help International

Head Office: P.O. Box 76598, 00508

Nachu Plaza, 17th Floor, Kiambere road, upper hill

Nairobi, KENYA

Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda, Zambia


years. Only 1.6% of Somalia's total land area is cultivated, and 69% is permanent pasture. There are two main types of agriculture, one indigenous and the other introduced by European settlers. The Somalis have traditionally engaged in rain-fed dry-land farming or in dry-land farming complemented by irrigation from the waters of the Shabeelle and Jubba rivers or from collected rainwater

3.0: Purpose and objective of the consultancy

The objective of this consultancy is to train 60 farmers on establishment of vegetable gardens to enhance their food security. The consultant will be expected to train on:

i. Vegetable gardening using basic irrigation methods (smart agriculture in Semi-Arid Land (SAL).

ii. vegetable farming as a business

The assignment is expected to take 10 days as outlined below: # Proposed activity No. of days Expected deliverable

  1. Develop training manual


    Training manuals

  2. Conduct the training


    Training modules/ tools

  3. Comprehensive Final Report on training.


    Final report

    .4.0: Scope and expected outputs/ deliverables The consultant will be responsible for:

     Facilitating the training

     Developing the training manuals

     Demonstrating to framers to do planting

     Writing the training report

     Develop his proposal/ outline for the training


    5.0: Required Qualifications, competencies and Skills

    Interested individuals/ firms should meet the following criteria:

     Holds a Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma in either Agriculture or Food Technology or Agriculture & Home Economics or Agricultural Education & Horticulture or any other relevant and equivalent qualification from a recognized institution;

     Have at least two (2) years' experience in the relevant field;

     Experience on similar projects in El Wak District or Gedo Region

    Fluent in English and Somali language

    Excellent presentation skills

    6.0: Bid requirements

    Firms /Consultant(s) that meet the requirements should submit an expression of interest including on or before 20/11/2020 which should include the following:

  4. A suitability statement, including commitment to be available for the entire assignment.

  5. A brief statement on the understanding of the terms of reference, proposed assessment methodology and approach and a detailed work plan.

  6. A detailed financial proposal, including daily cost.

  7. Updated resume of key consultants that clearly spells out qualifications and experience.

  8. Contacts of 3 organizations that have recently (but preferably in the last 2 years) contracted the firm/consultant(s) to carry out relevant research/survey or related work.

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