Terms of reference

Framework agreement for the provision of air ticketing & cargo services for NRC Mogadishu, South central, Puntland and Jubaland offices.

1. Background

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) has been present in Somalia since early 2004 and has since expanded its Horn of Africa Program to Kenya in 2006 and to Ethiopia in 2011. Since 2004, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) has demonstrated a regional competence and expertise in working with displaced populations. NRC has mainly focused on Somalis who are displaced by the ongoing conflict and more recently by the drought and famine.

The Norwegian Refugee Council Somalia office invites companies to submit proposals for the provision of air ticketing and cargo services for the NRC Mogadishu, South Central, Puntland, and Jubaland offices.

LOT 1- Provision of air ticketing & cargo services for NRC Mogadishu, South central (South west state, Galmudug state and Hirshabelle state) offices

LOT 2 - Provision of air ticketing & cargo services for NRC Puntland offices.

LOT 3 - Provision of air ticketing & cargo services for NRC Jubaland offices

2. Objectives

To provide a wide range of travel services to All NRC offices in Mogadishu, South Central, Puntland, and Jubaland, Somalia, in the shortest time possible consistent with the best interests of Norwegian Refugee Council and using its best professional skills and judgment to obtain such travel related services at the lowest cost.

3. Major tasks and responsibilities

The travel agent is required to:

  1. Undertake reservation and ticketing services. This entails making bookings of air tickets for domestic, regional, and international flights for NRC. This information will be transmitted to the NRC’s designated contact person (s).

  2. Provision of cargo transportation services as required.

  3. Advise NRC on flight schedules and changes. An event where the flight is delayed while the traveler is in the airport the travel agent should provide alternative solution by booking for the traveler the next available flight within the same day.

  4. Advise NRC on the available flights for the requested bookings taking into consideration the most cost-effective routes with the associated connections, most convenient routes and low-priced flights, as per the class advised by NRC.

  5. Issue and deliver tickets or e-tickets, based upon proper authority from NRC in the case of official travel and take the shortest lead time when requested for itinerary and delivery of tickets. Ideal response would be within 2 hours of the request.

  6. If the required travel arrangements cannot be confirmed, the Travel Agent shall notify the requesting party of the problem and present alternative routings/quotations for consideration.

  7. For waitlisted bookings, the Travel Agent shall provide regular feedbacks on status of flight.

  8. Issue accurate tickets and detailed itineraries, showing the accurate status of the airline on all segments of the journey.

  9. Accurately advise NRC of ticketing deadlines and other relevant information every time reservations are made, to avoid cancellation of bookings.

  10. Act only on travel requests for official travel submitted by the responsible staff of NRC and Local Service Order on confirmation

  11. Negotiate for ―best fare on the day such as the lowest fare made available by an airline for the day of travel.

  12. Appoint dedicated technical personnel(s) to be responsible for NRC air ticketing and related services

  13. Provide air ticketing services from 0730 to 16.30 hours during working days. In addition, the travel Agent shall provide a contact number, which shall be manned by an experienced travel consultant, for 24-hour emergency services, weekends and official holidays where required.

  14. Provide an information service to notify NRC and the traveller of such events as airport closings, cancelled or delayed flights and strike situations as well as safety conditions, which may affect travel to any destination.

  15. Provide each traveller a complete, printed itinerary documents which includes the following: Flight number(s) and seat assignment(s) (if any); confirmed upgrade (if applicable); Departure and Arrival times for each segment of the trip; intermediate stops; Airport and other taxes; Visa required or not required; and any other information such as change in international date lines.

  16. To carry out investigations on any complaints from travellers and follow ups

  17. Advise on immigration procedures within and outside the country, health requirements and security advisories for all destinations requested by NRC.

  18. Advice on the reliability, security, and safety records of airlines.

  19. Processing of visas on behalf of NRC employees upon request where personal appearance before visa issuing officer is not obligatory.

  20. The Travel Agent shall maintain computerized profiles of all frequent travellers, as designated or defined from time to time by NRC, setting forth the traveller’s preferences regarding airlines, seating and meal requirements, passport and credit card information, and any other information as is useful to facilitate such travel arrangements.

  21. The agency should provide and show capacity to rent a private jet upon request by NRC, within 48 hrs executing the requested service.

4. Qualifications or specialized knowledge/experience required for the assignment

The companies interested are expected to provide the following documentation:

  1. License to operate: the bidding company must be registered with the local authorities and must have a valid certificate of registration to operate in Somalia (a copy of both the Federal and member state certificates should be attached).

  2. Financial Capability: the bidder shall furnish documentary evidence that it meets the following financial requirement(s):

  • Bidders shall include a financial bank statement for the last one year from a bank indicating their financial status which will indicate their ability to perform the contract of the similar service and magnitude. This evidence should be submitted together with the bid.

  1. Experience and Technical Capacity: the bidder must provide evidence of having executed at least one years’ contract of similar service and magnitude (Copies of contracts/ LPOs etc.)

  2. Tax compliance certificate.

  3. List of current clients and key contact person(s), preferably INGOs.

  4. Company profile, including CVs of key personnel.

  5. Reference letters and the contact of at least three referees (email and telephone)

5. Other Conditions:

  1. NRC is not subject to VAT; therefore, all offers should be exclusive of VAT costs.

  2. If there is any conflict, it is a fundamental term of the Bid that the Bidder acknowledges and accepts that the terms and conditions of NRC shall prevail.

  3. The BUYER shall not be liable in respect of any costs incurred by the seller in the preparation of the bid proposal or any associated work effort, including the supply of presentation material, brochures, specifications or manuals for evaluation and the return of such items to the seller, following such evaluation. Furthermore, the BUYER shall not accept liability for any work undertaken by a bidder in anticipation of being awarded a contract.

  4. The performance of the successful bidder(s) shall be monitored during the contract period. In the event of services not being in accordance with the specification or the conditions of the contract, the BUYER reserves the right to cancel the contract.

  5. Bidders may be requested to formally present their bid proposal to the BUYER in order to clarify any questions or queries regarding their bid offer.

  6. NRC shall reject without any liability whatsoever any services supplied that do not meet the agreed specifications. The SELLER is cautioned that the final items MUST meet the specification agreed by the BUYER or demonstrated their sample (Seller).

  7. All suppliers doing business with NRC should maintain high standards on ethical issues, respect and apply basic human and social rights, ensure non-exploitation of child labour, and give fair working conditions to their staff. NRC reserves the right to reject bids provided by suppliers not meeting these standards.

  8. NRC aims to purchase products and services that the minimum environmental impact. Environmental considerations form part of the NRC selection criteria, and NRC reserves the right to reject offers provided by suppliers not meeting these standards.

  9. The bidder represents and warrants that no official of NRC shall be offered by the bidder any direct or indirect benefit arising from this tender or the award thereof. The bidder should note that breach of this provision is breach of an essential term of this tender; hence the bidders in breach of this provision shall be disqualified from doing business with NRC.

  10. NRC reserves the right to accept or reject the whole or part of your bid based on the information provided. Incomplete bids which do not comply with our conditions will not be considered.

  11. Shortlisted suppliers may be required to undergo capacity assessments. Please be available on short notice and wait for a response from NRC if you have been shortlisted.

  12. Confidentiality: Save as otherwise provided in this document, the BUYER agrees to maintain in confidence and not disclose, reproduce, copy any materials, documentation or specification which are provided to the NRC hereunder. The BUYER shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that its employees, agents, and sub-contractors are bound by the same obligation.

How to apply

Interested companies should send their bid documents to so.procurement@nrc.no on & before 30th March 2023, 23:59 EAT referencing the specific LOT they are applying in the subject line of the email.