A. About Shaqodoon Organization and Garobits Shaqodoon Organization founded the Garobits Academy, a digital learning center that offers training in graphic design, motion graphics, and others. By meeting these basic core requirements, our school rises above traditional teaching methods and sets the stage for digital teaching through digitally translated content either by the teacher or available through electronic publishing. Through Garo Bits Digital Academy, students acquire knowledge and skills to succeed in their future careers. In addition to providing training that leads to youth employment, Garobits supports youth in establishing strong backgrounds for starting professional careers as employees or self-employed entrepreneurs. Our training programs consist of three stages and levels: theory, practical and hands-on training. Moreover, the beneficiaries receive entrepreneurship training to enable them to manage their businesses. Developing and actualizing ideas allows them to engage in selfemployment. Additionally, the program aims to give these youths access to financial resources to build and strengthen their innovative ideas. As soon as our students complete the program, they are offered a two-month paid internship and matched with a professional mentor

B. BACKGROUND INFORMATION Shaqodoon Organization is planning to contract a transportation service for students at Garobits. The successful service provider shall perform the required services in line with Shaqodoon Organization standards and shall follow all applications and directives as identified by this ToR. The transportation service include:

Core Services: This includes provision of car and fixed driver rental services daily. The successful contractor shall provide ground transportation to students attending digital skills training at Garobits in accordance with Shaqodoon Organization Policies, procedures, and guidelines. Transport service shall be provided to 80 youth by adhering to the following schedule: Morning pickup: 6:30 am to 7:30 am; Morning Drop off: 10: 30 am to 11: 00 am; Afternoon Pickup: 12:45 pm to 1 pm; Afternoon Drop off: 4:30 pm.

C. Specific objectives The overall objective is to provide safe transportation for students to and from Garobits Training Center. The vehicle should be maintained and cleaned on regular basis

D. Expected Deliverables The bus and driver rental services must include the following:

The bus and driver rental services must include the following:

  •  The vehicle assigned to Shaqodoon organization should be in an excellent condition.

  • Shaqodoon Organization should not be liable for the maintenance of the company’s vehicles. The car rental company will be responsible for its vehicle’s maintenance and cleaning services.

  •  The vehicle must be available outside the allocated time if required.

  • Drivers must have at least 5 years of driving experience in driving passenger with knowledge of the different locations inside Garowe.

  • Clear criminal history, clear drugs records and clear sexual harassment records. Shaqodoon has the right to request proof of such records.

  • The service provider undertakes sole responsibility for taxes and any other charges of public nature, which are or may be assessed in future again the service provider.

  • The service rendered by the service provider must be performed in full consideration to confidentially

E. Vehicle requirement

The vehicle shall, as a minimum, be equipped with

  • The service provide must provide a 20-seat bus must have a minimum seating capacity for 20 passengers and a separate seat for driver.

  • Spare tire, the necessary accessories (spanner, jack, etc.)

  • Operational lap and shoulder seat belts for passengers in the most forward seat.

  •  Fire extinguishers (I kg dry powder)

  •  Heating and cooling systems of sufficient capacity and operability to maintain passenger comfort during periods of hot and cold weather.

  • The service provider shall at all times display on the windshield the clearance by the state road authorities as required by the law for commercial vehicles.

  • The vehicles will be fully registered with the government. Proof of the registration must be provided.

F. Technical and Financial Proposal

interested service providers must send a quote and should detail rate per 143 days. Interested bidders should submit their proposal by email to jobs@shaqodoon.org no later than 8th May 2022. Email title should be “ Shaqodoon Organization Student Transportation Service – Garowe”. Bidders received after deadline shall not be considered.